Tips For Changing The Feel Of Your Home (In A Good Way)

Tips For Changing The Feel Of Your Home (In A Good Way) | Legendary Doors & Windows

Your home is already a pretty inviting place. Even so, you are feeling the need to make some changes. The plan is to replace a few elements so that the feel of the home is better than ever. Fortunately, making some simple updates will be all it takes to accomplish your goal. Here are a few ideas that will make the feel of the place all the more inviting.

Consider Installing New Windows

One of the features that many people overlook is the design of the windows in their homes. Pull back the drapes and spend some time examining the sashes, the framework and even the type of panes used in the window design. Ask yourself if the condition and the design are adding something to the ambiance of the house, or if opting for something different would move you toward the look and feel that you want.

If the windows are in great shape and you happen to like the style, congratulations! There’s nothing that needs to be changed on this front. Should you find that the windows are not in the best condition or that the style is really not what you would like, it’s time to call a professional and learn more about different window options.

Since you’ve never paid much attention to the windows, it may come as a surprise to learn what a difference a new style would do for the home. For example, your house is a mid-20th century model that’s equipped with the roll out windows popular during that era. As you begin to consider the idea of replacing those older windows with a traditional two-sash design, take a moment and think of what that means for the home exterior. You are likely to find that making the switch will enhance the look of the place. As a bonus, you will find that opening and closing a window is less of a chore.

While exploring new window ideas, don’t forget to think about double-paned designs. This solution is hard to beat in terms of making the windows more energy efficient. You’ll find that the heating and cooling system does not have to work as hard to maintain the indoor temperature that you like. When the system doesn’t have to spend as much energy to heat and cool the home, that means you’ll have lower utility bills each month.

Doing Something About the Front Door

The front door doesn’t look bad, but it would be nice to have something with a little more flair. While you’ve already taken steps to dress the entry to some degree, all you’ve ever done with the door itself is slap a fresh coat of paint on the surface. What if you decided to go with a door with more detail to it?

Educating yourself about different exterior door options is not all that difficult. A contractor can make suggestions about the style, the color, and even the materials used for the front door. The only real issue you’ll have is settling on the combination of elements for your new custom door.

As part of your plan, consider going with a different material. The current door is made of solid wood. That’s fine, but have you thought about a residential front door made of metal? This approach has become more common in the last couple of decades, and for good reason. A metal door can’t rot and weaken as the years pass. Provided the door is coated with a protective layer, you don’t even have to worry about rust or some other type of corrosion.

You’ll find that metal doors can be designed to use any type of veneer that you like. If you’ve always thought the main entrance to the home would look nice if a dark oak door was in place, know that you can have wood veneer adhered to the metal and even stain the veneer to the shade of your choice.

From a practical point of view, the metal door also offers greater security. Anyone trying to break in through the main entrance will be in for a surprise. Along with the door proper, there are also ways to reinforce the door frame. Knowing such a door is in place will certainly make the home feel more secure.

How About the Garage Door?

Even if you have a detached garage, it still has a certain degree of visual impact on the property. Whether that impact is positive or negative depends on the condition and the style of the structure. Assuming the general design is the same as your home’s façade, the main thing you need to address will be the garage door.

Think for a moment about that older garage door. Are you really happy with the design? Maybe the door is mounted on hinges, meaning you have to manually open and close it. That’s no big deal during sunny weather, but it’s not the most convenient situation when it’s raining.

Choosing to invest in a new roll-up door is something that will make you more comfortable overall. Like the options for the front door, it’s possible to invest in something that has the rich look of wood but is actually solid metal. Best of all, you can purchase an automated door opener to make opening and closing the door a snap.

If you’re still not convinced, consider what happens when you come home late at night. After pulling in the driveway, you have to get out of the car, open the door, drive the car into the garage, and then close the door. Do you really feel safe doing this?

Compare that with pulling into your driveway and using a remote control to open the door. Through it all, you remain safely in your car or truck. Once the vehicle is in the garage, use the remote to close the door behind you.

The choice is yours. Take a look at options for new windows, a front door, and a garage door. There’s a good chance that making these changes will help you feel safer, more comfortable, and certainly make your property seem more like your own special place.