Western Window Systems, a member of the PGT Innovations family, was established in 1959 and is now a top manufacturer of windows and moving glass walls that combine indoor and outdoor spaces. Their customizable products are available in a variety of sizes, sets, and dimensions, making them ideal for residential, multi-family, and commercial projects. With a commitment to superior quality, timeless design, and exceptional customer service, Western Window Systems is a preferred choice of builders, architects, and homeowners across North America.

Western Window Systems ESIC Series 7000A

The Series 7000A Line by Western Window Systems offers doors and windows that can be customized to fit the aesthetic and functional requirements of each project. These products feature energy-efficient glass and aluminum extrusion, slim modern designs, large sizes, durable frames and hardware, various hardware and locking options, and a choice of aluminum finishes. The line includes sliding, folding, hinged doors, and operating windows suitable for walls, exterior/outdoor, interior, and partitions. The products are designed with energy efficiency and thermal insulation properties.

Western Window Systems Product Guide

Western Window Systems is a company that aims to enhance people's lives by creating beautiful moving glass walls and windows that connect indoor and outdoor spaces. The company's ambitious business model, proprietary technology, and talented team challenge norms and inspire new thinking. By providing access to products that remove boundaries and expand space, Western Window Systems is revolutionizing the way people live and changing the construction industry.

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