Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I prepare for window and door delivery?

Our Team will most likely show up with your new windows and doors in our trucks, but in some cases, they may have them delivered to your house a day or two before they start the job. If they did get delivered beforehand, it would be best if the new windows and doors could be stored in a secure garage. If you don’t have the space, our team will coordinate all the specifics in advance to coordinate any delivery issues. You don’t want to leave your new windows and doors outside exposed to the elements and dishonest people. In some cases, if you have a large house or are having additional renovations completed at the same time as your windows and doors are being replaced, you can expect the arrival of a dumpster before the replacement process begins. You may not want a garage stall or a specific parking spot blocked off, so make sure we know where you want the dumpster dropped.


What do I need to do to get my house ready for install day?

Our team will need space to work. We are happy to help move your larger furniture and any other items when we arrive but it would be helpful if you moved any smaller furniture (or pets) located directly in front of, or close to, the windows and doors being replaced. The installers will most likely need ladders to reach the outside of the windows as well, so provide access to the areas where ladders will need to be set up. This may include moving boats, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, etc. If large windows or doors need to be hauled through the house to their destination, clear an open path near tight corners or along narrow hallways for them to make it through.


Protect your property

Our team members will do their best not to damage your property, but accidents do happen. To reduce the chance of an accident, please relocate tippy items like floor lamps away from the work area. The process of installing a window or door could rattle the walls, so remove fragile items off nearby shelving. Our team members will bring all the drop cloths and plastic to protect the floor in the work area, but let them know if there are any other delicate surfaces you would like them to be particularly gentle on or around. If you’re the handy type, remove any shades, blinds, and curtains you plan on reusing. Not so handy? Not to worry, our installers will carefully remove them for you. If shades, blinds, and curtains don’t need to be removed to replace the window, we will be sure to wrap them up in plastic.


How long will window and door replacement take?

The installation time really depends on the difficulty of the job. A two-person crew can replace a small to average-size window with a new retrofit replacement window in about an hour, so figure about eight windows a day. Large windows take longer. One new construction window replacement could take several hours to install, depending on how complicated the interior and exterior trim is to remove and replace or reinstall.

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