5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

While you don’t plan on selling the property for quite a few years, the day will come when the kids are grown and the house is more than you want to maintain. When that day arrives, you want to get the best possible price for your property. One strategy that will help you achieve the goal is to begin spending a little time and money on updates to the house now. Here are some simple approaches that you can do now and enjoy for however many years you continue to own the property.

Updating the Kitchen

When many buyers attend an open house, one of the first things they want to see is the kitchen. Along with wanting to take a look at the color scheme, they are interested in the amount of cabinet space, the placement of the major appliances, and how much counter space is available for food preparation.

While you don’t mind the fact that the colors haven’t been popular for quite a few years, prospective buyers will only see that they need to spend a lot of money on updates. Why not look into the option of resurfacing the counters and choosing a new color or stain for the cabinetry now? Go with neutral colors that work well with all sorts of decorative elements. Neutral backgrounds will create a more favorable first impression and could allow you to command a few more thousand dollars for the property.

Making the Major Appliances Match

Your major kitchen appliances are in great shape. The only drawback is that they aren’t the same color. It may not bother you that the refrigerator is white while the stove is black and the dishwasher is a cream shade, but the disparity will not make prospective buyers jump for joy.

The nice thing is that you don’t have to replace any of those fully functional appliances. It’s possible to invest in new face panels and maybe some doors as a way to ensure that everything matches. Appliance paint is also an affordable way to make sure the refrigerator is a perfect match for the stove.

While you still have that cream dishwasher to contend with, correcting the issue may be easier than you think. Check with the manufacturer and find out if the make and model comes with reversible facing. Often, the other side of that facing is a totally different color. Lurking on the flip side of that cream panel could be a jet-black facing. All you have to do is reverse the panel and everything matches.

Turning Your Attention to the Bathroom

Many of the strategies that you used in the kitchen can also be applied to the bathroom. Take a good look at the condition of the tub. Is the finish beginning to look a little dull? Assuming the tub is otherwise in great shape, having it refinished is a smart move. Alternatively, you can have it covered with an insert. Both options allow you to keep using the tub while enjoying a brand new look.

Since you need to do something with the tub anyway, now is the time to update the color. You’ve already replaced the older lavatory and toilet with simple white models. Have the tub resurfaced with a white coating or invest in an insert that is the same shade of white as the other major elements. You’ll quickly see that the space is visually more unified.

Don’t forget to check out the condition of the tile. If none of the tiles are broken, the main focus is doing something about the dull finish and the darkening grout. A professional can treat the tile and remove residue that you never knew was there. While the methods used will vary depending on the type and the condition of the tile, rest assured the cost of a professional cleaning is less than replacing the tile with something new.

Adding or Replacing Interior Doors

There are a few places you would like to add doors, but anything that would swing in either direction takes up too much room. One solution is to consider adding bifold doors in those areas. These doors come in many different styles and colors, and retract to fit snugly along the side of the door frame.

One great place to install bifold doors is the doorway between the living and dining area. Most of the time, you like the space to be open. There are times when you would love to set up for a surprise party without having everyone know what’s going on. The bifold doors make it easy to close off the dining room while you are decorating and arranging the food. Once everything is ready, you can pull back the door and give everyone time to admire your handiwork.

If the bedroom doors need to go, consider replacing them with models that have sound reducing qualities. The right filler will decrease the amount of noise that gets in or out of the bedroom. Everyone will sleep more soundly, and those doors provide you with one more selling point when you place the house on the market.

Doing Something about the Floors

Do you know what type of flooring is underneath the wall to wall carpeting? Pull up a corner and take a look. If your home dates back to the early to mid 20th century, there’s a good chance you have hardwood flooring under the carpets.

Since the carpeting is beginning to show signs of wear, why not rip it up and find out what it would take to revitalize the hardwood? In many instances, all it will need is a good cleaning, some light sanding, and a fresh coat of stain and varnish. Invest in rugs that can move with you when you decide to downsize.

You’ll find that having hardwood floors in the home will be a plus for many buyers. They don’t have to worry about matching the upholstery on their furniture to a carpet color.

Even if you have done an excellent job of maintaining your home, there’s always one more thing you can do to make it more comfortable and increase the market value. Look around today and identify one thing you can do that will make your home more appealing. You’ll be happy that you do make the decision to put the property on the market.

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